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Favorite Things – When Pregnant

So you’re pregnant and all kinds of things are happening to your body. You are growing a tiny human! Kind of crazy right? I still cannot believe I was pregnant, then delivered that little nugget! My mind is still completely blown on how our bodies do that and those peanuts fit through the exit! Maybe we shouldn’t think of that part…

And it all went so damn fast, even on the most uncomfortable days, the 41 weeks blew right by me. Any who, no need to reminisce on my wonders of the body.

I wanted to give you my list of favorite things during my pregnancy that helped me survive. Sure, everyone has different things that helped them or made them feel more “normal” during the time we tend to compare ourselves to beach balls or a turtle stuck on its back when you are trying to get out of bed. Yeah, that’s the EXACT way I felt in my third trimester every morning when I went to get out of bed.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

1. Belly band
This bad boy came in handy when my belly got big enough to begin giving me back troubles. Sure, it made me feel like an old woman with a giant support belt but I felt 100x better taking the pressure off of the weight of my stomach and the baby pulling on my back. It took some getting used to and learning how to put it on exactly right but overall I would 100% suggest this to mom’s if you have any back pains. Especially if you are still going to work until baby arrives!

2. Panty liners
If you haven’t figured it out yet, you need LOTS of these. It’s one of those unspoken things they don’t put in the books you read to prepare for pregnancy. They tell you about things happening down there to help the baby and this and that, but they don’t give you the tip of buying stock in panty liners to save your guchies from the daily grossness going on from growing that tiny human.

3. Maternity body pillow
BEST. THING. EVER. My husband was the kindest soul who bought me this right away. This pillow is shaped like a C and is the best thing to help you sleep comfortably while you provide a safe haven for that growing baby. I love to sleep on my back but while pregnant you aren’t supposed to, plus my son was laying directly on my vena cava nerve which, if I did lay on my back for any period of time, I would feel like I was going to pass out. This pillow allowed me to prop myself at a 45 degree angle to not quite lay on my side but not quite lay on my back and it was perfect. It was so comfy I would find my husband snuggled into it the second I crawled out of bed and some days even our dog would hop into it.

4. Cocoa butter lotion for Stretch Marks
You may know of a ton of different products out there that are fancy schmancy and expensive for skin care. Nothing compares to the tried and true cocoa butter for stretch marks. I even used the regular cocoa butter lotion for my scar on my cheek years ago. It works and that is why I went to the brand for my belly. I always put it on my prego-self when I would get out of the shower. I am still using this stuff 4+ months post partum too and my stretch marks are fading more and more.

5. Compression socks
Go ahead, snicker and call me a grandma. I’ve always had issues with swollen ankles and feet when flying but I never thought they would get as bad as they did when I was pregnant. These were my saving grace! Yes, in the third trimester it’s a bitch to get them on and off but if you move slowly and have someone help you take them off, it’s not so bad. They truly did help though for those long days so I wouldn’t have to come home and immediately prop them up and put ice on them. So many days I did that and I regretted not wearing the socks. Just wear the damn socks! It pays to be comfortable while you’re pregnant if you can.

6. TUMs for heartburn – Target UP & UP brand is best!
I had absolutely no idea what heartburn was prior to pregnancy and even after having my son I haven’t had a single bout of it. I remember having to ask my dad what heartburn felt like and he laughed that I had to go to him with a pregnancy question for once since obviously men can’t usually provide help there. Once I got to the end of the 2nd trimester and most of the 3rd I had it so bad it was unbearable. One night it was so bad I was laying on our wood floor because it’s cool rolling like an idiot telling Blake, “this is is. This is how I go!” He laughed and went to Rite Aid to buy me all the tums they had. I lived on those! But I will say the Target UP & UP brand was the best. They tasted better than the TUMs brand.

7. Heating pad
All the pain in my back called for more old people treatments. Heating pads are a great investment from your high school athletic days to pregnancy to just being over 30 years old and sneezing wrong. I used this sucker daily when sitting on the couch. I would tell you the muscles that were sore but when I google the image I can’t pronounce it so I’ll just tell you it was all in my middle and lower back that I had the most pain.

8. TENS unit 
This sucker was a game changer for the bad days. My friends let me borrow their’s because when we were at their house one evening they could see the pain I was in without me saying a word and she had been pregnant a year and a half before me so she knew and swore by it too. I probably sat a few times with it on longer than I was supposed to but it alleviated the pain so well that it was nice to have that break.

9. Slides sandals and Birkenstock sandals
With my swollen and puffy feet I needed comfort and no restrictions on them. I wore my slides around the house mostly because they were cushy and the extra weight I had gained made my feet just hurt. It was like a small massage wearing those. I also snagged a pair of knock-off Birkenstock sandals from Kohl’s. They were their Sonoma brand and I still wear these bad boys since I could tighten the straps after my puffy feet stretched them out. These got me through the last trimester and even at work so I didn’t have to wear fancy heels or bend over to try to put other shoes on or tie them. Comfort over style, people!!

10. Kohl’s A-glow brand of maternity clothes
I didn’t go to the mall, hell, I never go there. It is a rare occasion when I do. My go to place is Kohl’s and Amazon mainly because they ship it all to me! 😊 Either way, Kohl’s came out with a maternity line shortly before I got pregnant. It’s called A-glow. I LOVED all of their clothes and they are afforable. The best was when I did go to the store I would hit up the clearance rack and usually score a few items. Camisoles were my best find for under $2 each one day and they were the nursing tank kind with the snaps at the straps. SCORE! I grabbed probably 4 of them. All of their tops and pants were great and fit comfortably. I’ve now stored them all in a bin if I’ll need them again one day because mama is not buying maternity clothes again. The pants that have the belly band that goes up to your boobs, those are the most comfortable as that belly grows!

11. #IMomSoHard Book
My friend bought this for me for my baby shower along with many essentials! This book was great to have and enjoy through those weeks of wondering what motherhood is going to be like. These ladies bring the realistic ideas we think about to life and make it fun. I literally LOL’d at this book and I’m not one for reading. This is something to relax with rather than letting your own mind wonder into the dark holes.

A quick suggestion for a few things to try and do while pregnant too that aren’t tangible objects.

o Hip stretches
Do these daily. I believe it helped my recovery to be quicker and not be in so much pain afterwards in my hips specifically. My hips have always been an issue in my life with pains. I googled the stretches to do and I had a list of them I made myself do daily. It maybe took me 10-15 minutes tops. If nothing else, it helped stretch my lower back muscles too and alleviated that pain a little as well.

o Prenatal massages, if you’re able
They were life savers for me. I got these monthly and they saved my back so much. It was a good way to give yourself some YOU time as well which you need and should take advantage of before baby arrives. Granted, you may need to lay only on your side like I had to but if you find the right massage therapist they will work with you to accommodate!

o Walking when you can
It helps to keep your lower back loose, helps baby get in position, and it’s suggested for healthy exercise while pregnant! It’s a nice way to push yourself to get that exercise in when you’re not up for running or HIIT workouts like you used to be. It’s relaxing as well and can get you some QT with your hubby or girlfriends. Fresh air is always a mood booster!

o Pedicures
Grab a girlfriend or your mom or sister and go get a pedicure. Sadly, you won’t be able to reach your toes easily in the third trimester. Your feet will enjoy it big time. (I used to touch my toes every once in a while to prove I could still do it but it wasn’t easy!) Plus the massage chair is an added bonus!

These were my go-to’s while pregnant and I hope this maybe helped a mama-to-be or you could help one you know by sharing this with them. If you are a friend of someone who is pregnant, maybe you could gift one of the above items to them. Either the tangible ones or even the non-tangible ones as well would be a great gift to them! Hell, just invite her out for a walk so you can catch up!



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