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Routine Keeps Us Sane

I’ll be honest, I lost track of the days this week, as most of you can relate to I’m sure. I’m behind on this since I thought yesterday was Tuesday. Whoops!

Now days we may stay in our PJs until almost noon daily. Mainly just our little guy, of course. I do rock my “good leggings” from time to time. However, routine matters in my son’s life as well as mine when it comes to a few things we do around this little house of ours.

This world is weird but without a little bit of daily routine, we would be even more lost. I am not saying I am a saint here with color coded schedules and a daily chore list because I don’t always know what day it is (see above statement) but we try our best and I think that is all anyone can do right now.

Truthfully, I am very happy we are not in the boat of home schooling right now. I feel for you parents who are trying to be mom, dad, employee, and now a teacher as well. As if the regular days with the many hats you wear were not enough, now home school until the end of the school year! Yikes. I know the kids listen better to their teachers most days and certainly do not talk to them the way you may have them speaking to you when asking them to complete their work!

Speaking with both types of friends through this, friends of mine who are the parents and my friends who are the teachers, it is not easy for anyone in that situation. I hope you all find some type of schedule to help make it seem a little more normal.

Our little guy is a very routine kiddo which I’m very thankful for. My husband always picked on me for my schedule of things with him when we first brought him home but it has been working really well for us. It is without fail he is awake no later than 6:30 am daily and then wants to have his last bottle at 8 pm and typically goes down shortly after that.

Not every day is perfect with him, but most days that routine keeps itself in line. It also keeps structure to our days with him. We will be going back to normal life one day soon and he will be going to daycare, so keeping a routine is helpful for when that comes so it’s not a nightmare when we all have to head out in the mornings again.

Do not let me fool you, we aren’t by any means perfect with this routine. We were up just last night from 4-5 am because he did not want to sleep. We each took turns laying on his floor since he wants someone with him when he falls asleep lately, but when that didn’t work, we brought him into our bed to try to get an extra hour of sleep while getting kicked and crawled on.

Another night last week, it was so hot in our house and we are waiting on a repair for the air conditioner, we had him only in his diaper to try to go to bed. That was a mistake. He knows and relates putting his PJs on to the routine for bedtime. We struggled to get him to sleep for over an hour and then got the PJs out and turned his bedroom fan on. Tada! Routine is the key for kids, at least ours!

Even we as adults need routine. I do not put my Sunday best on each day. I would live in leggings if I could. But the idea of still prepping my coffee pot the night before, going to bed at a “normal” time, working out regularly, eating simple breakfasts, and washing my face each morning during my typical routing, without the makeup, of course, are routine steps to make this weird world seem more normal.

Last week I was struggling with how I was feeling about all that is going on. It is a roller coaster of emotions for all of us with all the news, the staying inside the same 4 walls, seeing the same couple of people and not socializing. Last Friday morning I needed a boost for myself. I set my alarm extra early, hit snooze a couple of times but got up and worked out, then showered, did my hair, put some makeup on and put on a “nicer” sweatshirt for the day. I have been working out here and there during the week but when I do it in the morning, I have the feeling of being accomplished for the day already.

Blue light blocking glasses to make me look smarter & protect my eyes

Sometimes a little kick in the pants and a change can help guide you right back to where you want to be.

I hope each of you have a little bit of routine in your days to help keep you and your kiddos in line for when the reality of normalcy makes its way back into our lives.



I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby boy and am married to my wonderful husband. We're on this crazy journey together and learning how much our little man can teach us along the way.

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