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Adjust to Normalcy

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We’ve been in quarantine for 9 weeks now. My little guy has been home with one of us since the end of December. That is a LONG time for anyone to be stuck with their parents! 😉

My husband is laid off in the winter so we had taken our son out of daycare. However, we had planned for him to go back obviously, when my husband started work. Throw that corona wrench in the plans of everyone’s life.

Anyone else wondering how your kids are going to adjust when we are back to what is “normal” life in the coming weeks?

I’ll admit the sleeping in with no commute and not having to rush to get me and him ready for the day and out the door is so, so nice. He is also cutting teeth so that is huge for us to have the extra time at home since he is sleeping more and not such a crab. If he were at daycare, I know he would skip naps because he is a neb-nose and cannot miss anything. It has been a huge plus to being home while he is going through the stages and growing so rapidly and we don’t miss a moment.

My concern is how he will act though when he goes back to daycare with his social skills. I do believe he needs other little humans in his life and he is missing that so much. Watching him with our niece last weekend, who is 8 years older than he is, just proved that to us. He adored her and enjoyed playing with someone closer to his size.

Cousins playing together

I am anxious and excited for him to go back to have the social interaction with others again, but the fear of spreading anything is in the back of my mind as well.

The fear of tiny humans spreading sickness was always a fear, even before the pandemic. The week we took him out of daycare a round of hand-foot-mouth came into daycare and I remember looking at his tiny 6 ½ month old self saying, “Don’t touch anything for the next 2 days!” As if that made any sense to him but we escaped the bout that spread there.

It is part of life that the little ones are snotty, germ spreading specimens. It is how they build their immune systems so young, I know and accept that measure of daycare. I also know our daycare is so careful and is taking all precautions as they open up to a new “normal” again.

Enjoying the sunshine for the 1 day this week!

We are fortunate enough that I’m still working from home and have a hand when needed from my mom. When normalcy resumes, whenever that may really be, I will trust that my little guy will adjust quickly, as he does with everything. He has been such a great trooper with every change we have had through all of this, but maybe that is the key, if we are always sporadic, he assumes that is how life should be! 😉