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Toddler Meals. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up.

Toddlers are savages with shitty palates for food. When my kid is hungry, there is no stopping him. However, his tiny taste buds have figured out how to be picky in the last couple of months. The pediatrician nailed that one when he told me that this was coming at his 12 month appointment and I said so confidently, “he eats everything.” I know he was laughing on the inside at me because he knew this torture was coming.

If my son doesn’t like something there is no question about it. He opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out, letting the food fall from his mouth into his bib. No remorse or apology for it.

Toddlers are gross.

I do want to brag that he knows his sign language well enough for some manners. He knows “more,” “please,” “all done” and “thank you” is getting better.

This has been very helpful for us as parents. But not knowing what he really wants to eat is tough. If we have meals that are all mixed together like a stir-fry, he eats it all. Veggies too. No questions asked. If it’s separated or not on his plate before he starts, we are SOL. (shit out of luck)

He wants to be independent too. Don’t think about helping him. He is practicing and doing well with his fork and spoon. Heaven forbid you try to help him successfully have consecutive bites. No way, Jose!

Of course this is all part of his development. I have learned that I’m not going to fight him right now. Phases will come and go with food for now and if he is eating some of it, it is better than nothing. Believe me, this nugget isn’t wasting away!

Sure I wish I was the pinterest mom who made fun snacks that he would magically love and devour. I consider myself a realist though and live by doing what works for us.

Here’s a few examples from this week of what we had for dinner and offered him versus what he actually ate. Reminder he is almost 17 months old…

Note: If you’re going to judge me by what my son eats and what we do, get off of here right now.
Every parent parents differently. So negative Nancy’s are not welcome.

What he was offered on Monday: Fresh beef with peppers, onions and cheese.

What he actually ate on Monday: French fries & fork full bites of ketchup.

What he was offered on Tuesday: Venison backstraps, freshly foraged mushrooms, and a baked potato mashed the way he loves them because I’m my crotch goblin’s bitch.

What he actually ate on Tuesday: frozen chicken nuggets & sweet potato bites.

What he was offered on Wednesday: Homemade meatballs, a shrimp, and mixed veggies.

What he actually ate on Wednesday: mac & cheese only by the handful and abruptly asking for more when he finished it.

He is clearly sticking to his guns and eating what he loves. Of course he eats other meals through the day and is also picky at daycare. It is what it is though and for right now, we will work with what we got!

Tricks for our son that I’ve learned to do during this picky toddler phase:

•  We give him the fruit/veggie pouches to get veggies in as a snack for the day. He loves those!

•  A pediatrician told me to try foods he tends to dislike in the morning rather than evenings. I have yet to try but she said we are all typically more hungry in the a.m. and he would be more willing to try them then.

•  Fruit for snacks rather than goldfish or crackers. He loves grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas!

•  Make recipes with items mixed before he sees it. Things like veggie stir-fry with chicken, spaghetti with meatballs and some veggies mixed in, or any sort of those types of meals.

•  Ignore him. He tends to try things when he thinks I am not looking then realizes he likes it and will finish it. It’s hard to do that but it does work 3 out of 5 times.

•  Realize you’re keeping this human alive and doing great. Mac and cheese for a meal as a toddler is just fine. Sometimes for us too! It’s not forever.

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Friends. Don’t Forget Them.

Going back to a similar point about friends that I touched on last week about mom friends, but this time, friends you had before you had kids.

We are all on different timelines and plans. That is life. Don’t let it interfere with your friendships.

Don’t ever forget the ones that don’t have the minions.
They’re critical in your life too!

It’s their life whether they have them or not, but since you chose to have them doesn’t mean you should forget the ones you were friends with before them. They helped create and mold you to who you are so why would you want to exclude them from the future?

Make sure you call them. Make sure you include them. Make sure you still love them and know they want to be a part of things just as much as you do too.

A very close friend of mine said to me the other week, “I really appreciate that you and *other said friend* still include me all the time now that you both have kids. It means a lot. I’ve had friends in the past who have had kids and they have left me out since.”

I had not realized that from her perspective before even though I was the friend who was kid-less while others had children a few years back. I always thought about it from my parent side, that those without kids don’t want to be around others with kids because we have someone to take care of. We have been left out or not invited to things because of having a child. While I don’t believe people do it intentionally they don’t realize we would love to come, if we’re able and the invite is always nice.

Her comment opened my eyes that it happens both ways. But in the end, we were friends before I had my son and still remain friends now and to be honest, we’re better friends even.

Truth be told, the friends in my life are those that love my child as much as we do so I want nothing more than for every one of them to be a part of his life and make an impact on him as they have done for us.

Our friends are family. That’s just how my husband and I roll. I’m sure many of you can relate to those that you keep in your inner circle.

Just keep in mind, friends should remain your friends whether you have minions or not. Make the call and ask them over. They might enjoy and be surprised to hear from you and be just what you both need, a night to catch up!

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Mom Friends. We need them.

Mom friends. You need them.

You don’t need to see one another daily or talk daily to be able to get together once in a blue moon and feel great about being a mom. All the quirky things you do at home thinking you may be the oddball of a mom are actually “normal” and your mom friend did the same stuff as you and you two can laugh about it.

I’m lucky enough to have friends who have all had kids within the last few years or around the same time as my son. We are obviously busy and stretched thin some days. But in the moments we can get together it’s SO NICE.

One of the best reasons is to see them again is we can get out and enjoy an evening as who you met them as without the kids. We were someone before we became moms. That girl matters, never forget that.

The next reason is because it’s nice to have friends that can be real with you about motherhood. Real in the fact that it is hard and it is quirky and it is the best moments in your life.

I’ve been able to see a handful of them recently and spend some time together and the conversations are just what I needed to refuel my own tank.

Some things I heard among our get togethers are below. These are all different ladies, who are different moms, who have different lives, yet we love our kids unconditionally but also know how to keep it real.

  • “We were out one night with a babysitter at home. We waited until 5 minutes after their bed time to go in knowing they were in bed so we could sit on the couch and watch what we wanted to watch.”
  • “I shut his door. I shut our door. I went into our bathroom and shut that door. Then I screamed.”
  • “I told my son I was over him today.”

Those comments stuck out to me because they are all things I have done. I didn’t say them, but I did them as well. And those comments are from three DIFFERENT friends that weren’t together with me when they said it. Yet we all have moments in common because we are moms.

We’re all here just trying to do our best. No matter how different we choose to parent our children, we are the same in some ways.

The life we chose is to have these minions and we absolutely love them, but knowing we are still human and have flaws and thoughts the same as another mom can make us feel like we aren’t failing on those tough days.

The tough days come and go. Having mom friends is so critical though.

If you need a mom friend, I’m here! I’ll bring you into my tiny tribe! It’s how we can all survive, even if we aren’t able to see one another as often as we like. Let’s keep it real and support one another!

High five to all you ladies out there killin’ it as a mom and keeping it real too!
So glad to have the ones I know and call my friends!