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Lately our son has been saying more words. It’s quite fun to have him attempt to repeat us and see how fast he picks up on a word… or doesn’t. His little mouth tries so very hard to pronounce the words we say to him.

Our favorite right now is “cookie.” I’ve been baking and he helps me, well, makes a mess while I make them. He has been asking for them since he sees them cooling and now my husband and I know a new language, toddler. He says “ckck-ckk” or something of the sort. It makes smile and laugh every time he says it but he continues to try again and again.

Since he has been growing and understanding things we have always tried to ask him to tell us what he wants when he begins his toddler jibberish. We ask him to show us and we will follow since obviously he isn’t fully aware of words or how to say them correctly.

When we ask him to show us or tell us it helps our communication. While we both may not know exactly what it is, he knows we are trying to help him rather than allow the tantrums to progress.

Truly, he understands quite a bit that we say and ask of him. He loves a task and having something to complete on his own. He will put his clothes in the hamper, sometimes confused with trash. Whoops. But he likes to throw things away too. He also really LOVES to cook meals and have us try them in his play kitchen. One of my personal favorites.

We know communicating with children isn’t the easiest for anyone but we do what we can as their parents. The best thing we ever did was teach him baby sign language when he was teeny tiny. I really didn’t have high expectations for it because well, I am a first time mom and only heard about it. How did i know it would be so beneficial to us? We worked at it and kept at it consistently. It has paid off for us all!

He says quite a few that really helps eliminate frustration among all of us and to help him get what he wants easier without as many tantrums. He can sign milk, water, more, all done, please, and thank you.

While that did help us and still does, we are enjoying the new stage of him learning his words vocally. I may regret that statement later on. 😉

My favorite part of communication with my son is laughter. He has the very best belly laugh that makes my entire world stop. He loves when we laugh at him and he begins to laugh more.

No one needs to know what you’re saying when you’re all laughing.

And right now, that’s the best thing we can do.



I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby boy and am married to my wonderful husband. We're on this crazy journey together and learning how much our little man can teach us along the way.

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