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Mini First Aid Kits for your Car

Spring is here and we’re outside a good bit again! SO happy about that with being couped up with the winter months. Time to make a travel kit to mend the wounds from running too fast down the street for a busted lip or knee.

Two things before we get started…

I’m not a panicky mom, in my opinion, and do not make a big deal when my son falls or any of us get hurt. I actually applaud him and score the fall. It may be a bit much for some but it’s who I am and he is alive and well! I credit that all to my mother because she raised me to handle the situation without reaction and that’s because she was a long time Pediatric Nurse that had lots of experience under her belt. I literally had perfect attendance through school until 11th grade with some Motrin and tough love. 😉 I only broke the streak because I finally got mono which sent me home immediately. Judge how you want, but mom and dad had to go to work and had no time for minor sickness and whining.

Second, I don’t know why I am just now making one of these kits close to my son’s 2nd birthday and not sooner. He is a boy after all and quite clumsy and well, a boy who has injuries from being himself and playing.

I did get the idea from Pinterest because that’s where all the crazy ideas pop in from! I took a few of the ideas there and built my own mini first aid kits for both of our cars.

Reality is that I have 2 boys in my life that have scraps and cuts regularly. My husband would prefer I only put super glue in the kit to mend his wounds because “he is man, hear him roar!” He also corrected me when I told him I was writing this and said, “I have electrical tape in my car if I cut myself bad enough.” Do NOT take his advice for mending wounds!

Back to the topic! I put these two kits together at our local Dollar Tree with all the supplies. The only thing that didn’t come from there was my little label I made on my Cricut Joy©.

I chose my items based on what I’ve either experienced or know we may need down the road. Some kits have much more than this or even less. Make the call on what you think your family would need in a pinch!

This was all bought for around $10 for one kit! Give a little extra for sales tax in Pennsylvania.

  • Small Tupperware container with lid
  • Pain Reliever (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.) – Not for my son obviously but for others.
  • Band-Aids with various sizes – Peanut themed of course!
  • Tissues – for the tears. (3 pack)
  • Gauze pads – for anything that won’t stop bleeding.
  • Hand Sanitizer – to obviously clean your hands before touching anything. (2 pack)
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment – to put on the wound for quick cleaning/healing.
  • Anti-Itch cream – bug bite relief in a pinch!
  • Eye Drops – for us adults with pesky allergies.
  • Antibacterial Wet Wipes – to clean anything that may get a some of the wound on it.

We already had to use the eye drops when my friend’s kid came by since she has allergies. They worked successfully!

Obviously change up what you need for your kit, but I think it’s a good list for the general needs to get you through the situation and then home or wherever you need to go next.

Ideally, we hope we don’t have to use it, but it is there if we do. I hope this helps you make up your own for your car or home. It’s quick and simple and on hand for you all!

Happy Spring everyone! Go out and enjoy it with your family!