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It’s Time for School!

Every ad is for back to school. Every insta-story is a kiddo visiting classrooms, trying on new clothes for the school year, or first day photos. School starts this week or next week for lots of kids and teachers. 😄

I’m here hugging and snuggling my 2-year-old as tight as I can for our weekly movie night hoping to freeze time and not have the next few years fly by me when I am the one sending him to school.

I’m so very thankful I’m not yet in the shoes of parents sending them off to school in our world right now. I believe every generation has moments of “this world is scary.” Our current world is certainly not the first pandemic, but it is what we’re living in here in 2021.

It’s a matter of what each generation had to deal with at the time they’re currently in.

I love watching my son grow and see his personality develop. I am wondering where the last 2 years went though. We transitioned him to a “big boy bed” this week and my mama heart is really struggling with him growing too fast! 😥

I commend so many of you with the worry and stress on your shoulders as we near this school year so fast with so much uncertainty.

The last 17 months has been a whirlwind of a life for any of us let alone parents of school aged students and the teachers they have.

Kids absolutely adapt quickly and tend to go with the flow in most cases. It’s us as their parents who struggle with the new things and changes and uncertainty of our world.

We only want the very best for our kids and what they have to see and deal with each day. Of course, we worry! If you didn’t, I’d question that.

I hope you’re all understanding, calm, rational, and kind to everyone around you during this coming year. Not a single person can say this past year has been easy or knows what is ahead. But we can all work towards making sure our kids are safe, healthy and we are all kind, not only our kids.

While I hold onto my toddler hoping to pause time, I commend you moms and dads out there preparing to send your children onto the bus and into a new school year soon. I also want to hug and give major high fives to the teachers prepping for another year ahead while you help teach and mold our children!

Whatever is coming for the plans of this awfully weird world we are in, keep your head up, stay flexible, remember to have fun, and take all the pictures. You made it through 2020 and most of 2021.

You got this and will handle this school year even better!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and memorable school year ahead!

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Boys = Boo-boos

Welcome to my world of #boymom life where boo-boo’s are a regular occurrence, band-aids are the devil, and fear doesn’t exist inside my son.

I adore the fact that my child doesn’t have fear but my nerves and heart do not.

I love it because I miss those days for myself of not being afraid of anything and taking all the risks without any fear behind them. It allows kids to try so many things and experience life! Now I worry about what kind of pain I’ll be in the next few days if I choose to do something.

We joke that my son is a walking accident.

It’s not much of a joke when he truly does have scrapped knees, a busted lip or some other cut or bruise from his own actions on a regular basis.

Do not go calling the child services on me.

He is always barefoot, wanting to be “ahht-side,” playing in the dirt or mud, and always playing rough.

We allow him to take the risks he chooses, with watchful eyes. But if you’re a boy mom, you know damn well that those eyes and hands can be on them at all times, and they will still injure themselves.

It’s part of who they are!

He took a spill last Thanksgiving on concrete steps, while my husband was holding his hand, and has a tiny scar from his teeth busting through his lip. That’s our best example of holding his hand and an accident still happening. BOYS!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him having scars or bruises, but I also do not want to hold him back and make him afraid of anything.

Any fall he has we both are quick to tell him, “Brush it off!” and he is so good about it. It really is how you react to their situation on how they then react themselves.

This is a judgement call of knowing just how bad the situation is. If it is bad enough, mom is always there to scoop him up and hold him tight to make it better. Don’t worry, I definitely love on that little one all I can!

There’s other times he wants to jump on top of me at any given moment as if we’re in the WWE ring.

I’ll be minding my own business and he attacks me from behind screaming, “GOT YOU!” This will be interesting as he grows and gets bigger.

He will climb to the top of the couch while I’m laying on it and slide down onto me with, “yaaaah!” And other times while horsing around on the couch he’ll tumble right off of it onto the floor but hop right back up on to it again.

And my personal favorite, he will grab a bucket that fits his melon head and pull it down once he acknowledges his target and walk right into things to then pick it up and laugh.

What my point is here today is that boys always equal boo-boos. If you have a little girl who fits this mold, high five her for me!

That was me as a kid. 😊 I’m obviously only telling stories about my boy because that’s the child I have.

With every boo-boo he gets, it becomes show and tell. The pride of his fearless attitude shows.

“Mama… boo-boo.”

“Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!              …boo-boo”

If you’re a stranger in the store and you say Hi to him, “wook, boo-boo”

It doesn’t matter how long those last, he loves to show them to us and let us know he had something happen.

They’re a trophy and I assume this “stage” will last a while in a boy’s world.

I don’t want that to fade, the fearlessness in his soul.

When it comes to dangerous things as he gets older, I may throw back a strong shot of whiskey to ease my nerves, but I hope he doesn’t hold himself back.

Part of being a boy and having all those boo-boos is experiencing life with the fun that surrounds the boo-boos you get.

Let’s see if I can keep up with him and try things again with him. 😉