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Favorite Things – Postpartum Care Kit

One topic that I hear all the time from any expecting mother, whether you’re a first time mom or it’s your 2nd or 3rd or more, it’s always “what do I need when I get home from the hospital?” It’s something you kind of forget about while planning for the baby to arrive but definitely need to have when you get home because YOU are important too!

It’s also a fair question because those first few days are tough, not only physically, but mentally too. You have to wrap your head around having a new baby at home with you and also allow your body to heal. Insert quote about mom’s being rock stars here!

I took the idea of something my friend gifted me for my baby shower and I have geared it more towards those first few weeks at home for the healing mama. It’s the essentials.

A mom can’t care for others if she doesn’t take care of herself first.

This list is made from what I have created and put together for expecting mama friends as a gift to them. (Hint: if you’re looking for a gift idea for an expecting mother, this is something they WILL need and use!)

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Start this by grabbing yourself a cute bin or basket and stuff in the the items below to make a great Postpartum Care Kit! Add a personal note to it as well, explaining each of the items in the basket below.

1. Tissues – These are for the days you cry. You – will – cry. You may not know why or maybe you do, but know it’s okay and you need to let it out. Hormones… they’re all wacky. They will be for a while too.

2. Pads – Buy pads you like that are super absorbent. These are the ones I preferred and were my favorite. You can also do your who-ha a favor and make some of those homemade padsicles for the first few days! You can find how to make them on Pinterest.

3. Witch Hazel pads/wipes – They will provide some at the hospital but you’ll want more at home. These help your who-ha heal quicker, keeps the area extra clean, and soothe the lady parts! I was one of the lucky ones to get a little ole hemorrhoid during delivery. I wouldn’t have known unless my lovely husband didn’t announce it to the room. These helped heal that sucker right up!

4. Dermoblast – Do NOT buy menthol though. That would be horribly cruel. It soothes any burning or pain you may have, even if for a little bit. They give you some small cans from the hospital typically, but it never hurts to have extra. It can be used later on too for typical cuts and scrapes for the kiddos or yourself.

5. Aquaphor – No, you don’t get a chapped ass from delivering a baby. This is for your boobies if you’re nursing. Others like the lanolin, but I found this worked best when it was really painful for me. My pediatrician recommended it actually. Be sure to wipe it off a bit with a warm rag or baby wipe before baby nurses.

6. Colace or other stool softenerTrust me. My friend provided me with this tip before I delivered my son and I scratched my head wondering why. You will NOT want to add any additional pressure after delivery. Just take the stool softeners, you’ll be glad you did. Your nurses in the hospital should offer you some too, say YES!

7. Lansinoh Thera Pearl Packs – The same friend who tipped me off about the stool softeners bought me these. They are a little bit of heaven to your boobies when nursing. They can be frozen or heated and they give you that relief you may need. However, a warm rag does them good too! (cabbage leaves are just weird, for whoever came up with that tip)

8. TUMs – You can never have too many TUMs while pregnant. Well, maybe you can, but you feel like you can live off of them with the amount of heartburn that baby gives you. Since this gift will be given typically before baby comes, it will also be in the heat of the worst heartburn that mama has ever felt! Do yourself a favor and get it before it gets bad. Unlike me, my husband had to run out while I laid on the floor being dramatic.

9. Eye mask – This one is for when mom is supposed to close her eyes and “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Most of us know it’s nearly impossible to do that, but for the few times it will happen, these help! While you’re at it, download a free meditation app now to help when these moments arise so you can truly attempt to relax even if it is only 5 minutes.

10. Postpartum Grace Guide – Last, but absolutely not the least of the items to add to the kit, is my friend’s journal she wrote and created. I got it as I was going back to work and have enjoyed completing it! She took so much time and gave it so much love that it is exactly what a new mama could use when she first comes home, but it’s great for any time in the postpartum journey!

A few other items you could add

Face Masks – These are nice to give with the basket since typically, you’ll gift it before baby arrives. Mom can take a moment to enjoy to herself.

Bath Bomb – Same thing for one of these! Let mom get a moment to herself and relax.

#IMomSoHard – The book I added to my other Favorite Things list that is always a hit! I’ve shared mine with other moms and suggest it to everyone I know.

Gift cards – These could be for their favorite restaurant (that delivers), groceries or a grocery delivery service. No mom wants to be leaving the house right away, if they don’t have to.

A coupon with a promise – Promise to come help her. Come and support her in this new hard time as a new mama. Show up and hug her. Show up with her favorite meal or treat. Just show up. Company is great to have during this time.

Water bottle – In my gift, I got the biggest and nicest water bottle. This was useful in the hospital, at home nursing, and even now, I use it at work. Can’t go wrong with a cute water bottle to have at all times!

Slippers – Every woman deserves a nice pair of slippers to be comfortable in!

Robe for the hospital – I bought myself a light jersey material robe for the hospital. I loved it because it was cute, comfortable and minimal effort for me to cover if someone visited or when I was nursing my son.

Dry shampoo – While I haven’t caught on to this trend, mainly because I have thin hair and mostly have to wash it daily, I know a ton of others who swear by it!

What would you add to this care kit? I’m sure there are things that could make it even better for a mom-to-be that I haven’t thought of.

I hope this helps a mom-to-be or even someone looking to make a creative gift for that mom-to-be. If you can make the days at home just a touch easier, you’ll be happy about it.



I'm a new mama to a beautiful baby boy and am married to my wonderful husband. We're on this crazy journey together and learning how much our little man can teach us along the way.

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